Saturday, June 7, 2014


   So after our second cosmic intervention, we headed north to Santa Cruz, where I visited his family, including their new born child, which was my reason for this amazing trek that had catapulted my reality into the twilight zone. I was always a road warrior and had never married or had kids, so being with my friend Fingers and his loving family, was a nice homey feeling. You may no longer have a family, but "ain't it good to know, you've got a friend, oh ain't it good to know, you've got a friend." If I could only say his new born was named Baby James, it would be appropriate, but that was his first child's name.(Thanks To James Taylor For All His Beautiful Lyrics)
    It was time to get back to Oregon and the road beckoned my call. We said our sad goodbyes and with a few strong hugs to get me down the road, me and my dog Kid, were off on a new adventure into the unknown. What fabulous and remarkably mysterious vortexes might lye in store for me and my friend to seek out and enjoy, I could only wonder and after what I had just experienced, anything goes. Life's apparitions may appear as a puff of smoke, but when the smoke clears and your eyes decide, just what is real and what is an illusion, then that's the time that conciseness and clarity appear to be most haziest, yet reality is at it's purest. Somewhat confusing, trying to put this phenomena into words. Oh well....
     You may capture what was meant to be on my C.D. STORYLAND. My vision and the magic that came to be, in my greatest musical achievement, can now be yours. This C.D. is not just any C.D. If you read the two previous stories, you'd realize that the electrifying collaboration of Raymo and Fingers could light up Las Vegas, or even the dark side of the moon. We do so on 9 of the 14 tunes on my C.D. The music melts in you mouth. You may go to the MUSIC page for song samples or directly to the STORE and order your C.D. today.
      So thanks for your interest in my favorite stories and I hope that I perked your interest in my C.D.

      Keep smiling my friends                Wizzzmo

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